Advantages and disadvantages of liquidating the assets

The Lodgistics planning and implementation phase now addresses the property’s expectations and critical path to liquidation.

The advantages and disadvantages to on or off site liquidation are identified.

Often a property’s situation requires innovative thinking.

NCL prides itself on coming up with inventive solutions to the most out-of-the-ordinary problems.

Sale events are defined, scheduled and a completion date finalized.

Each and every activity involved in the liquidation is always at our expense, never our client’s.

In doing this you are borrowing money from the bank to invest it in the stock market; a strategy fraught with risk - the primary risk being the mismanagement of those investments.

Consider establishing a home equity line of credit once your mortgage is paid off so you have additional liquidity, or access to your funds if needed.

The hotel liquidation process is complex, often even daunting.

It requires an experienced hand to properly plan, carefully coordinate and seamlessly implement the movement of a property’s assets.

The Administrator acts as an officer of the company to either save the company via a CVA, to save the business via a Phoenix or to close it down.

The primary concern that underpins formal UK insolvency procedures is the maximising of creditors’ interests.

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In most cases, the grantor retains certain rights over the trust during his or her lifetime.

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