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Geographically the story has it's origins in Italy, it's birth and re-birth in the USA and it's genetics finally ending-up in the USSR.Sociologically the story throughout involves a succession of migrants from the old world making their mark in the new world and ranges in from capitalism to communism in the space of a year.1913 was an era when only the relatively well-to-do could afford a timepiece.

The first set of picture show a rather sorry looking electric PUW 1000 that must have sat in water for some time; half of the copper coloured shunt bridge plate has completely rusted away and there are numerous large iron fragments stuck to the magnets. The second set of photographs show various electric Helbros watches with the PUW 1001 movement: the first one is a chromed case version while the last one is a rather rare Mickey Mouse gold plated Helbros.There are also many un-numbered offshoot pages from internal links in the site.These are end pages, and you need to use the browser back button., from Chicago, and I like vintage wristwatches.Much of my content covers the important Dueber period.This was comparatively easy to research as it had been well documented earlier - both by Cantonians and Horologists.

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