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David: I said, "If Head Office try and come here and interfere, they've got me to contend with, okay? I must remember to thank him."Tim: I think it was John Lennon who said "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." And that's how I feel. David: What's more important: you, Neil, with your report, or some starving children? ", it's going "If you think I'm brilliant, then give generously and help save these guys who are starving, but are also brilliant"—not as entertainers, a lot of them can't even speak English, but you know don't give them their own game show, but save them from dying at least.

David: You’ve seen how I react to people, make them feel good, make them think that anything’s possible. And I don’t do it so they turn round and go "Thank you David for the opportunity, thank you for the wisdom, thank you for the laughs." I do it so, one day, someone will go "There goes David Brent. David: Some of you seem to have got off on the wrong foot with me. You've got to chill out, yeah, trust me, this is what I do, alright? Tim: Now guys, we're about to enter a warehouse environment, now I must warn you that some of the people in here will be working class, so there may be arse cleavage. Simon: You know Bruce Lee's not really dead, don't you? What he did was he faked his own death so that he could work undercover for the Hong Kong police, inflitrating drugs gangs and the Triads. You haven't put the rubbish out." [middle finger] "DO IT YOURSELF, I'VE GOTTA SAVE SOME AFRICANS! David: And that's not going "Ooh, look at me today, I'm entertaining whilst saving lives aren't I brilliant?

When you know how to properly attract women, you will see that picking up women for sex or a relationship is actually one of the easiest things that a guy can do in life.

Women are much easier to pick up than most guys realize.

and underneath someone had written "Don't get your Hampton Court." It's not there any more. Those of you who are kept on will have to relocate to Swindon, if you wanna stay. On a more positive note, the good news is, I've been promoted. You're still thinking about the bad news, aren't you? So now, when people ask me what I do, I say I'm a receptionist. David: The reason I put "If it's in you" is, if I waste good time and money looking for it, and see it's definitely not in you, I don't wanna be sued 'cos you haven't got it, so, you know, you're not gonna get me on that. Imagine him going out of the door on Comic Relief day and Dawn French is going "Where you going, you haven't done the washing up. And so, when you find someone you have a connection with.

Tim: There was, oh my God, a themed nightclub called Henry the Eighth's. It had the Anne Bowl-in Alley, this is true, as you went into the loo, there was a sign that said "Mind Your Head" - nice... The bad news is that Neil will be taking over both branches, and some of you will lose your jobs. Then Lee thought it would be a good idea for us both to get full-time jobs and then you're knackered after work and it's hard to do illustrating. But probably all you have in common is the fact that you walk around on the same bit of carpet for eight hours a day.

The Office is a British television comedy that was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC Two on 9 July 2001.

If you want girls to like you and want to be in a sexual relationship with you, the main thing that you need to focus on is your ability to make women feel attracted to you when you interact with them.

On the third day of Christmas, Ben Gallivan gave to us…

Now, before we start, we’re not talking about the comparatively sub-par offering that the US series of the same name produced.

You can’t just rely on looking good or being a good guy.

You have to display the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

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