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Further information about his studies is not available for the public, hence we procced to his career.Joshua has quite a charming personality and striking features, especially his eyes.The handsome actor, model Josh Henderson is single now after a long list of affairs.The hot star, Josh has a massive female fan following.This health condition is known as heterochromia, owing to which he has green coloured left eye and blue coloured right eye.Josh did his schooling from the Tulsa Memorial high School and he was quite interested in playing baseball in his childhood.He was superb in sports, mainly basketball, during his college time.

Other exec producers are Jimmy Fox of All3Media’s Objective Productions USA, plus Layla Smith and Gregory Lipstone of All3Media.

Check out 10 things we’ll never forget about the great reality series, and then take She’s experimented with different colors over the years, but at the start of her reality series, Jessica’s younger sister was just a former ballerina from Texas with platinum blonde hair. And when they broke up, she found herself awash in Serious Songwriting Inspiration. Ashlee’s collection of sassy graphic t-shirts and Volcom swag kept stores like Pac Sun in business. But not before childish flirting and a disappointing Valentine’s Day. Ashlee became the poster girl for Yes, heading out to see your younger sister perform after spending hours in a doctor’s office qualifies as being supportive. Performing to a backing track was doctor’s orders, but the desperate dance was all Ash. Her lip-synching flub would go on to be replayed on every news channel across the country, but at least gave us a little more context.

But arriving after having Lasik eye surgery (and looking like a deranged ant) is definitely a way to attract attention. “If my career’s over because of this, then that’s sad,” Ashlee explained, post-show.

'The Arrangement' star, who is currently single, said his job makes relationships hard because he has little control over his schedule.

It’s been 10 years since the first episode, and while a lot has changed — including her hair color, nose and status as a recording artist — there are a handful of essential Ashlee moments that will remained ingrained in our brains forever.

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Christine Evangelista (“Chicago Fire”) will play Megan, co-starring with Josh Henderson (“Dallas,” “Desperate Housewives”) who will play Kyle.

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