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Well in the midst of that discussion evolved a discussion of the lack of singing prowess of one of the leads from one of the somewhat-storied and not-really-fabled singing groups from Atlanta which gave rise to the phoenix of crappy R&B singers. This is how I’ve lived my life and if you look in my life you would see what I see.

Because of that effort, there have been SEVERAL high profile singers that many folks SWEAR can sing. But despite them not really being able to sing very well they have still managed to have quite successful careers…at singing. There’s no judgement here; you are entitled to like who you like. So here is a list (in no particular order) of singers that you and I both know can’t sing, who just so happen to put “singer/contractor” on their IRS forms at the beginning of the year, ya know, in those years when they’re actually paying their taxes.

He also accused the model/aspiring actress of getting plastic surgery, courtesy of her former relationship with Floyd Mayweather. M.’s Instagram page: READ: Nelly Explains Floyd Mayweather Beef The Instagram exchange continued with S.

Just like we screamed for ice cream, we all loved Keith Sweat.

Now, we already know Ashanti’s a beautiful woman, but when she posted her barely there bikini swimsuit pics, showing her thick thighs, ‘apple bottom,’ and tiny waist, her fans were like ‘Good Gawd girl! Throughout the years, Ashanti’s physique has taken on a life of it’s own and this time was no different. He, too, implied that he had sex with Shantel and that her new body was paid for by Floyd Mayweather.

Check out her pics below and some of the comments her fans left… Loose Cannon seemed to taunt Nelly, by posting a bikini pic of Ashanti and labeling her his Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW) crush on Instagram: Nelly then responded by posting a throwback Apple Bottoms ad of himself with S. By the way, Floyd then posted an Instagram message on his page, telling his fans to go follow Loose Cannon- seemingly meant to be some side shade toward Nelly and Shantel as well: ** So, yeah…it got a lil’ heated for a minute and hopefully they’ve squashed their tension.

The first attempt to convict Hurd resulted in a mistrial because a juror got ill during deliberations.

The second trial, in October, resulted in a partial conviction but the jury could not reach a verdict on the top count, felony stalking. " Hurd, who was sprung from jail in 2010 after a prior conviction for stalking and harassing Ashanti Douglas and her family through the singer's mom and manager, claimed there was reconciliation.

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