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So I decided to embark on a journey, discovering the different types of dates and matching them to a different wine, giving you the ultimate guide to the best wine for dates.

The Adventurous One This date for me is by far the most entertaining, it gets you out of your element, you learn about each other through an activity and it’s largely different, breaking from the dinner and drinks convention.

The gentlemen's club vibe fortunately isn't taken too far, and the cocktail list is surprisingly fresh, and doesn't rely on straight classics.

When I sat down to think about a topic for this blog post, I considered writing a very generic wine/food matching guide.

Nor does he care for a new restaurant opening in town. I can’t imagine my life without restaurant fun, food heaven and immense wine.

Ok, I know I sound completely pretentious but I just really bloody love good food.

Lucky for me my best friend is another complete foodie (hi Rosie) and between the two of us we’ve tried every restaurant in town.

As with his art collection, James wanted only the finest wine to serve at his table.

The estate of Mouton, also in Bordeaux, was bought by his English son-in-law in 1853.

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However when looking through all of the advice that e Harmony provides, I noticed that first, second and third dates are as varied as wine.

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